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The Tessera REST API consists of 3 parts.

Peer-to-peer APIs

Tessera nodes communicate with each other using this API to:

  • Perform discovery
  • Send and receive encrypted payloads

Defining First API Version

From version 0.11.0, for every client side request i.e., /push and /partyinfo, Tessera will now include a parameter which is a list of API versions that it supports into the http header called supportedApiVersions.

Release 0.11.0 defines the first API version and during the partyinfo exchange these values will be stored against the node in the NetworkStore so that a Tessera node at any time will be aware of the versions that its peers currently support.

This can later be used to ensure that a remote peer is actively supporting a certain feature before forwarding a transaction. Refer API Reference site for more information.

Third party APIs

Tessera nodes communicate with third parties using this API to:

  • Store encrypted payloads for external applications

GoQuorum to Tessera APIs (default)

GoQuorum uses this API to:

  • Check if the local Tessera node is running
  • Send and receive details of private transactions

This API is described in the OpenAPIv3 format available on Tessera API reference site.

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