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Hyperledger Besu support

Tessera provides out-of-the-box support for Hyperledger Besu; however, additional configuration is required if not running Besu in GoQuorum privacy mode.

Enable orion mode in the configuration file if GoQuorum privacy mode is not enabled in Besu.

"mode": "orion",

The configuration can also be enabled using command line overrides:

java -jar tessera.jar --configfile config.json -o mode="orion"

Enabling orion mode changes Tessera’s behaviour in the following ways:

  • Will attempt to retrieve privacy group and its associated members for transactions sent with privacyGroupId.
  • Creates a legacy privacy group for transactions sent with privateFor containing a list of recipient keys.
  • Will use SHA-512/256 to generate 32 byte hash of encrypted payload to be returned to Besu.
  • Adds support for /receive POST requests using application/json media type.
  • Responses to /receive requests will include the senderKey (for Besu sender authentication), and the transaction’s associated privacyGroupId.
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