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Azure Key Vault key pairs

The keys in the pair are stored as secrets in an Azure Key Vault. This requires providing the vault URL and the secret IDs for both keys:

"keys": {
    "keyVaultConfigs": [
            "keyVaultType": "AZURE",
            "properties": {
                "url": ""
    "keyData": [
            "azureVaultPrivateKeyId": "Key",
            "azureVaultPublicKeyId": "Pub",
            "azureVaultPublicKeyVersion": "bvfw05z4cbu11ra2g94e43v9xxewqdq7",
            "azureVaultPrivateKeyVersion": "0my1ora2dciijx5jq9gv07sauzs5wjo2"

This example configuration retrieves the secrets Key and Pub from the key vault with DNS name If no version is specified then the latest version of the secret is retrieved.

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