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Tessera command line

This reference describes the syntax of the Tessera command line interface (CLI) options.

To start a Tessera node run:



configfile, config-file

--configfile <FILE>
--configfile /home/me/me_node/tessera.conf

Path to the node’s configuration file.



Prints full exception stack traces to stdout.



Shows the help message and exits.


--override <STRING=STRING>
--override jdbc.username=admin

Overrides a value in the configuration file specified using --configfile. This option can be specified multiple times.

Short syntax for this option is -o <STRING=STRING>.


--pidfile <FILE>
--pidfile node1PID

Creates the specified file containing the process ID (PID) of the Tessera instance.



Runs Tessera in data recovery mode.

Short syntax for this option is -r.

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